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Rain Cryptocurrency Network Guide

What is the correct Network for each supported cryptocurrency?


Here you can find a complete list of Rain-supported cryptocurrencies and their supported networks. It is very critical that you choose the correct network before completing your send or receive transactions. Failing to do so may cause a loss of funds.


Coin Symbol Network
aave aave ERC-20
algo algo Algorand
Basic Attention Token Bat ERC-20
btc btc Bitcoin
Chiliz chz ERC-20
Compound comp ERC-20
Curve DAO Token crv ERC-20
Enjin Coin enj ERC-20
Ethereum ETH ERC-20
The Graph grt ERC-20
Chainlink LINK ERC-20
Litecoin LTC LTC
Decentraland mana ERC-20
Polygon matic ERC-20
The Sandbox sand ERC-20
Solana SOL Solana
Uniswap uni ERC-20
USD Coin usdc ERC-20
Ripple XRP Ripple







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