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Information about Destination Tags

For many exchanges and wallets, XRP Tags are necessary for identifying which customer to credit a deposit to using a unique tag or memo. Because XRP requires a minimum activating balance for an address, it may not be economical for an exchange to offer you a unique XRP address. You can imagine that  address helps identifies the exchange, while the tag helps identify your account on that exchange, website, or wallet. When receiving XRP from another exchange or wallet, you will also need to include your Tag on your rain account as well as the XRP address.

Sending XRP from Rain to another exchange

Please always check whether or not a destination tag or memo is required before sending XRP to any wallet or exchange outside of Rain. 

For exchanges or wallets that require you to attach a tag, you will need to copy their tag along with your XRP address and include it while sending XRP.

NOTE: sending XRP to a wallet or exchange that requires the Tag without it may cause funds to be lost. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do if the receiving wallet or exchange refuses to process your deposit once the funds have been sent and are confirmed on the blockchain. Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible.

For more information on how to send XRP from your Rain account, click here.

Receiving XRP from an exchange to Rain

Some exchanges/wallets will not process your deposits if the Destination Tag or Memo is not included. When you copy your XRP address from Rain, you must also copy and include the Tag when you withdraw from another exchange or website. 

NOTE: the tag will insure it is credited to your account on Rain successfully, you must include it when you are sending from another wallet or exchange to your Rain account. 

For more information on how to receive XRP in your Rain account, click here.


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