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Why am I on a waitlist?

We have expanded our services and obtained a new license from the Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), which enables us to better serve our valued customers in the UAE.

While we are currently not accepting new UAE applications through our  Bahrain entity, we are thrilled to welcome UAE residents to our  platform, licensed by the FSRA, where you can experience the same level of excellence and personalized support provided in Bahrain.


Which entity am I registered on?

As a UAE resident, you are officially signed up on our ADGM entity platform, Rain Trading Limited. 

Since obtaining our ADGM license, we are able to serve you from our ADGM entity only.


Why do I have to wait?

As a regulated entity by the FSRA, we are currently following our local regulator's guidance to onboard a limited number of customers at a time. However, we assure you that you are currently on our waitlist and you will be receiving an update on your registered email as soon as you are officially onboarded. 


What are the benefits of being a client of Rain Trading Limited (ADGM)?

Instant AED Deposits: Rain will offer institutional and retail clients in the UAE the ability to buy, sell and store virtual assets, in addition to having a seamless and instant fiat-to-virtual asset onramp in AED.

Faster AED withdrawals: AED withdrawals will be processed within 1 business day as a local transaction in the UAE.

Fully Licensed and Regulated: Rain is fully licensed in the ADGM, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards and providing you with peace of mind.

Assets 1:1: Your funds are held in banks under a segregated client account, ensuring that your assets are never lent or invested. They are readily available to you whenever you need them.

Robust Security: Rain employs best-practice security systems and manages crypto assets using a robust offline Cold Storage system, safeguarding your investments with utmost care.

Audited Operations: As a regulated entity, Rain undergoes periodic independent audits, ensuring transparency and accountability in our financial positioning, security systems, IT infrastructure, and insolvency safeguards.

Trade 20+ coins: Immerse yourself in a diverse range of coins available on our platform, opening up endless investment possibilities for you to explore.

Brokerage and custody services: Whether you're an individual or an institutional client, Rain offers reliable and secure brokerage and custody solutions, ensuring the utmost protection for your assets.


To learn more about our license please visit the official website of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of the Abu Dhabi Global Market.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket here

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