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Dukascopy FAQs

Is Dukascopy a bank?
Dukascopy Bank is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) as a bank and a securities dealer with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
All deposits are insured up to CHF 100,000 per client in accordance with the Swiss legislation.


What documents are needed for account opening?
To open an account you will need to have a document (passport / ID card) that contains a machine readable zone (MRZ) and visible security features. If your document does not contain MRZ zone and/or does not contain holographic signs you can send a certified copy of your document via regular post to our head office in Geneva.

What is video-identification?
Video-identification is a short video call with a bank employee that in accordance with a Swiss law represents a substitute of traditional face-to-face account opening procedure in bank premises.

In what languages video-identification can be passed?
By default, video-identification is being held in English. If you wish to pass video-identification in other language (French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Slovak and Ukrainian) leave a request in the chat to arrange with the bank employee an exact date and time of the call.


How to apply?
To enroll in the Private banking program and enable Savings account, please contact our support by writing to


What payment methods does Multi-Currency Account support?
The funds can be deposited to / withdrawn from your Multi-Currency Account using multiple payment methods:

  • Ordinary bank transfer
  • Transfer from your personal payment card
  • Transfer from a payment card linked to your account
  • Transfer from a payment card through Apple Pay
  • Transfer from your Dukascopy card
  • Transfer from your Skrill account
  • Transfer from your Neteller account
  • Western Union withdrawal
  • Transfer from other Multi-Currency account holder
  • Transfer from your other account at Dukascopy Bank

How long does processing of payment takes?
Bank transfers, usually, are processed within several business days depending on the country of send and receiver. However, in case the payment got on a manual compliance check of one of the banks, its processing may be extended up to two weeks and more.

Transfers between Dukascopy card and MCA account are executed instantly. The same applies to transfers from other Multi-Currency account holders, to transfers from your other accounts at Dukascopy Bank and for operations through Skrill and Neteller, unless they have triggered the incoming quarterly limit.

The length of card deposits and withdrawals depends on card issuer of each specific card and can be processed instantly or within several business days.


Does account support third party payments?
The Multi-Currency Account holder can make wire transfers to / from third party bank accounts. Please note that in order to approve such transfer the compliance department might ask you to provide additional information.

What are the fees for opening an account?
The fee schedule for Multi-Currency Account can be found here.


Opening   Free Free
Maintenance 0-50,000 USD Free N/A
  50,000-100,000 USD Free N/A
  above 100,000 USD N/A Free
Closing   Free Free
Limit Increase   Free Free


Dukascopy card

What is a Dukascopy card?
Dukascopy card is a prepaid Visa/Mastercard virtual/plastic card available in EUR, USD, CHF and GBP. You can use your card wherever Visa/Mastercard cards are accepted.

How to order a card?
You can order a card in:

  • Dukascopy Connect mobile application for iOS/Android
  • Web application
  • Swiss Bank application for iOS/Android

Are there any geographical restrictions?
Log in to your Multi-Currency Account to see which card products are available for you.

How long does card delivery take?
The delivery time depends on the country of your residence and may take up to several weeks.

Can I add my card to Apple Pay wallet? What other wallets are supported?
You can add your Dukascopy card to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay wallets. You can add your Swiss Bankers card to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay wallets.



Bank transfers

Where to find payment details to make bank deposit?
If you use web application, go to Deposit and select Bank transfer.

If you use the Swiss Bank mobile application, click on Deposit and select Bank transfer.

If you use the Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application, click on Bank, then press on plus sign in the lower left corner, select Load money (Deposit) and then Bank transfer.

The opened payment form will display transfer instruction depending on the currency you want to make payment in.



What are Multi-Currency Account limits?

Operations with Multi-Currency Account are regulated by two limits:

  • Incoming quarterly limit
    • Incoming quarterly limit defines the maximum amount of your regular income that can be deposited on Multi-Currency Account within a quarter. The limit is not applied to transfers between your accounts within Dukascopy Group.
    • The size of the default limit is based on two factors: (a) country of your residence and (b) your occupation status.
    • The limit is reset at the beginning of each new quarter: 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October.
    • Please note that the limit can be equally reached by one large transaction or by multiple small transactions.
  • Equity limit
    • Equity limit defines the maximum amount of funds that can be kept on your account at a time.
    • The size of the limit by default is set to USD 50'000.

How to check account limits?
If you use web application, click on your name in the upper right corner and select Your Account Limits.

If you use the Swiss Bank mobile application, tap menu button in the upper left corner and select Limits.

If you use the Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application, click on Bank, press on plus sign in the bottom left corner and choose the Account Limits.

How to file a request for limits increase?
If you use web application, press on your name in the upper right corner and then select Increase limits option.



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