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How to Verify Your Bank Account


At Rain, we strive to ensure a seamless and secure experience for all our customers, especially when it comes to withdrawals and deposits. To enhance the security of your transactions, we require that your bank account is verified before processing withdrawals. In this manner, we significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your funds, whether through errors or fraudulent activities. 

Below, we outline the different options you can do to verify your bank account:

1- Deposit method:

Alternatively, you can verify your bank account by making a deposit from the same account you wish to withdraw funds to. Once the deposit is made, your bank account will be verified within 1 business day.

2- Sharing your Statement or IBAN certificate:

If you prefer, you can also verify your bank account by providing us with a copy of your account statement or an IBAN certificate. 

The Bank statement must include:


Account Holder Name

You can send this statement or IBAN certificate to our support team for verification.

Important Note:

Please ensure that the bank account you verify is under your name. Accounts not matching the registered user's name will be rejected for security reasons.

By following any of these two options, you can quickly and easily verify your bank account, ensuring smooth and prompt processing of your withdrawal requests.

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